SMSF Service Options

Sequoia Superannuation has designed two services for SMSFs. Our Sequoia Classic SMSF service is designed for larger SMSF fund balances, while the Sequoia Mini SMSF service is designed for SMSFs with smaller balances.

Bare Trust (Property Trust)

A Bare Trust deed is an important legal document that ensures the proper arrangements are in place for the SMSF to borrow funds for the acquisition.

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Mailbox Service

In order for Sequoia Superannuation to provide efficient and accurate up-to-date reporting for your SMSF, Sequoia Superannuation acts as the mailbox.

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Sequoia Superannuation reconciles your SMSF on a daily basis. By receiving all SMSF bank statements, investment confirmations, insurance summaries.

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Financials Preparation

At the end of each financial year your SMSF is required to complete, audit and lodge financials with the ATO.

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Auditing Services

Sequoia Superannuation will arrange the audit of your SMSF from a panel of auditors. All auditors are external to Sequoia Superannuation.

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SMSF Taxation Lodgement

It is possible for SMSFs administered by Sequoia Superannuation to invest in direct Residential & Commercial Australian Property.

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Empower Your Superannuation

A SMSF gives you total control over how your superannuation is invested. Establish your own SMSF and take control of the investment decisions within your super. After all, it is your money.

Build Wealth
  • Hold assets in your own fund
  • Buy and Sell at your own discretion
  • Recognise opportunities and be able to act quickly
  • Choose the insurance that’s right for you
  • Buy a residential or commercial property
Enjoy Personal Satisfaction
  • Set your own goals for retirement
  • Educate yourself
  • Pay a Pensions when it’s right for you

What is an SMSF?

At our superannuation fund, we provide technical advice and support to help you navigate these requirements and ensure that your fund remains compliant.

Superannuation law

Our team of experts can provide guidance on the various laws and regulations that govern superannuation funds.


We can provide advice on the tax implications of different investment strategies and contributions.


Our team can assist with compliance requirements such as record-keeping, audits, and reporting.

Invest in our Super Fund

Sequoia Superannuation provides a complete solution to the SMSF market, designed specifically for anyone that has or wants a SMSF. We make managing a SMSF easy. Sequoia Superannuation provide Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) establishment, compliance & administration services to SMSFs

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SMSF Establishment or Advice